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How do I delete my ourowlrd acount...? Merllia Summers 10 comments 532 votes Answered
how can i talk again? Mellark Katniss8 12 comments 233 votes Answered
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What do you do if you get hacked and almost ALL your good stuff is gone? CeCeTheUnicorn 41 comments 43 votes None
why cant I connect to facebook anymore? 2GLAMTOGIVEADAMN 25 comments 41 votes None
Chat GotSwagg 7 comments 36 votes Answered
Why can i not see other people silsveris2000 36 comments 35 votes None
How do you get friends on your friend elevator? NeonSparks 8D 19 comments 31 votes None
Why am i not getting gems when i do the offers OoInsanityoO 21 comments 31 votes None
how can i get back my older account!!!?? •[Niel]• 11 comments 28 votes None
gems and why i do not have them on this day because i am a resident Joel 31 comments 28 votes None
how do u save your character DRAKEtheBEST1 8 comments 25 votes Answered
Gem Videos Don't Work.. Vladmir Putin 25 comments 24 votes None
I want to become a volunteer CODMW3BEAST 29 comments 23 votes None
how to become a resident to receive an email heyyyy133 14 comments 22 votes None
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how to delete my account Gustavo8 27 comments 21 votes None
Gem Offers HAH HAHAHAHAHAHA 14 comments 21 votes None
how can i become a playtest i am volunter ibrahim 8D 26 comments 20 votes None
Dance Moves Not given Wh4t 4n Idi0t 15 comments 20 votes None
how do you earn coins lucylocket1232 14 comments 20 votes None
how can i change my email? Kayla120508 14 comments 20 votes None
Why do i have 6000 gems? DjDizzy09 36 comments 20 votes None
SAY NO TO FILTER Mr TroubleMaker 18 comments 19 votes None
why arent i recieving my gems from the free offers even after i complete them? moonscar 15 comments 19 votes None
I was scammed sometime late last night. How can i get my items back, and have the user irisistable x banned from our world? faith x 24 comments 19 votes None
hacker Qu33n Tw3rk3r 22 comments 19 votes None
how to get gems Siera472 26 comments 19 votes None