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Petition- "I Want Ourworld Back" 1BritPop 118 comments 7 votes None
∆ Official ourWorld Client Help Topic ∆ xDøvah 105 comments 0 votes None
The End of ourWorld xDøvah 94 comments 6 votes None
The free gem ourworld link Kanye 82 comments 2 votes None
App questions PNut 8 73 comments 0 votes None
How To Make A Crew Party Rock 246 73 comments 108 votes Answered
Verify your account? Fuzz Ball 60 comments 6 votes None
help! trading bug wont show trades vCherry 59 comments 11 votes None
how do i become a helper/voulnteer Hazel Lancaster 50 comments 44 votes None
What happening with OW? Heal 41 comments 3 votes None
What do you do if you get hacked and almost ALL your good stuff is gone? CeCeTheUnicorn 41 comments 43 votes None
Ourworld Downloadable H4NNAH 38 comments 0 votes None
Ourworld keeps crashing Evania 38 comments 3 votes None
Why can i not see other people silsveris2000 36 comments 35 votes None
Why do i have 6000 gems? DjDizzy09 36 comments 20 votes None
Items Gone Jester Cicero 34 comments 1 vote None
How do I save my character? kpoploverlol 33 comments 44 votes None
gems and why i do not have them on this day because i am a resident Joel 31 comments 28 votes None
Downloadable Client - Questions Rory Gilmore 29 comments 7 votes None
I want to become a volunteer CODMW3BEAST 29 comments 23 votes None
im being hack Bad Iuck 28 comments 15 votes None
GOT HACKED TimothyG1 27 comments 1 vote None
how to delete my account Gustavo8 27 comments 21 votes None
how can i become a playtest i am volunter ibrahim 8D 26 comments 20 votes None
how to get gems Siera472 26 comments 19 votes None
ourWorld.. ourWorld.. Heaven Sherwood 25 comments 9 votes None
why cant I connect to facebook anymore? 2GLAMTOGIVEADAMN 25 comments 41 votes None
how do i become a resident ? amber5678910 25 comments 21 votes None
Gem Videos Don't Work.. Vladmir Putin 25 comments 24 votes None
I was scammed sometime late last night. How can i get my items back, and have the user irisistable x banned from our world? faith x 24 comments 19 votes None