The Client Switch - What To Expect

** UPDATE 11/15/20

As of recent, all throwables have been removed. They can still be used as normal, however they only appear on your end (client-side). Everyone else will not be able to see what you've thrown, or any effects of the throwables. (Credit to Pusheen)

This affects all versions of ourWorld (web browser, Windows client, Mac client).


** UPDATE 10/12/2020

So the client is somewhat available, despite it being unannounced, however I want to update you guys on my findings with what we can see in the client.



So right now the only way to obtain Gems is by redeeming a gift card (which I believe have been defunct for awhile), using a Gem Code, or by using the Mystery Keys for the Dungeon in Nevermore.



These are the only games available in ourWorld as of the client. Fortunately, these are a good way of obtaining Coins.

Dance Planet and Splatterbox are now completely removed from ourWorld, however it is still possible to access Splatterbox via The Pier, however it is a little buggy.



As of the client, "Challenges" and "Getupz" have been removed.



The client will be able to save your log in information (email and pass), making for a quick sign-in.


Will update further once more has been found.




As most of you guys know, very soon ourWorld will be releasing on a downloadable client medium, and by 2021, the webpage for ourWorld will cease to exist. Down below is everything that I have compiled as a means of what we could expect to see. This is a very extensive post, so be warned.


Before we get started, 
make sure you are using HTTPS while accessing ourWorld,
as HTTP will no longer receive any sort of updates
via downloadable client. The client will be using HTTPS.



Any and all content posted below could be subject to change and should be taken with a grain of salt. This is purely a comparison from Playtest to Live. If any images included below are too small to see, open the image in a new tab.



So, let's start off with The Boardwalk, objectively the most popular place on oW (besides Condos and maybe Flo's Diner). Obviously we are going to be losing the arcade entirely due to lack of Flash support, so the removal of the entranceway should not be a surprise. There is also a removed Gem ATM, as well as a removed Dance Planet sign with some minor map changes.


Starlight Skate
(GIF was too large, so uploaded the main images)

Live ourWorld

Playtest ourWorld

So here we see another instance of Dance Planet being removed, as well as a few differences, such as the small bits of rubble where the Otto store is, "DJ" etched into the ice wall by the DJ booth, a "hot cocoa" neon sign by the couches, which are... now slightly larger? Alright.


The Pier

Same with The Boardwalk, we see the Arcade entrance be stripped away, as well as another removal of the Gem ATM. Additionally, we see that we are losing the Critter Derby. It has also been confirmed by Czarcasm that we are most likely losing Splatterbox as well.


Electric Avenue
(GIF was too large, so uploaded the main images)

Live ourWorld

Playtest ourWorld

There isn't very much to see to this change, as like with all the others, another Gem ATM is removed, and the last time I'll mention the removal. There is a slight update in graphic fidelity, but that's about it.


Flo's Diner
(Electric Avenue Interior)

Flo's Diner also gets a small facelift, with the removal of the arcade cabinet, signaling a removal of the Arcade.


(GIF was too large, so uploaded the main images)

Live ourWorld

Playtest ourWorld

As we can see, Mr. Moles is going to be banished to the Shadow Realm. There is also a slight facelift on the map. Wonderland has another exterior, that being Sugar Star, however nothing is changed, so I feel not to include it.


Cake Mania
(Wonderland Interior)

Just like Flo's Diner, we see an update on the arcade cabinet reading "Out of Order".


Beat Street

Beat Street has gotten a major facelift, as well as the removal of Dance Planet. Not much else to be seen.


Vegas World

Vegas World gets a small facelift, as well as the removal of the Casino entranceways, since we are losing the availability of the Arcade.


Additional Information:
  • Memberships

As far as I am concerned, memberships are probably going to work like this: If you are a current Resident / Zoe's Club after the webpage for ourWorld closes and subscriptions are done for, your membership will be extended indefinitely. This was the same approach that was made on DownWorld before that game went under. From what Czarcasm said over on the ourWorldBuzz Forums, he speculated that functions such as Zoe's Auctions (ZA) and the Marketplace (MP) will not be given access from Tourists, so if you are a Tourist after the transition, you may not be able to post anything or participate in ZA, much like how it currently is. If you want to be a Resident / Zoe's Club, you might need to obtain their respective passes.


  • NPCs

So ourWorld has a collection of NPCs, most of which are currently used for challenges:


  • Zoe - Tutorial Badges
  • Caden - Game Genre-Specific Badges
  • Azia - Various Game Badges
  • Doug Bot - Various Game Badges
  • Cammie - Various Game Badges + Music Boxes
  • Veronica (LEGACY) - PopCap Game Badges
  • Weatherby - Puzzle-Specific Game Badges + Old Throwable Items

With the removal of the Arcade, I'm not too sure as to what will happen to these NPCs.

** Update 10/12/20

The NPCs are still in their respective areas, just they have no purpose.


  • New Account Creation

As of right now, it is currently not possible to make a new account. Trying to do so will result in an error message. ourWorld will only allow already existing players.


  • Facebook Players

If you have used Facebook primarily to access ourWorld and do not have log-in credentials, contact support ASAP.


  • Moderator Comments

This is official confirmation that ourWorld will cease to offer any new updates.


With everything that I've listed above, just as the disclaimer says, any and all of this could be subject to change and should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm fairly certain there are other aspects of ourWorld that will be changing, just I don't remember at the moment. If you know of something, feel free to leave it as a comment.




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