Trick or treat?

Share your tips to get the most of the trick or treating on ourworld.


My tips:

*You don't have to be active to collect stuff, leave it be and come back every 15 mins or so to check up on it. 

*If the candy doesn't appear in any of the places, refresh.

*Fool the baskets that you're poor by wearing starter items and collecting the goodies. 

*Build friendship skills with NPCs that are offering you candy.

*(Actual mysterious one) When you get a candy, even a timed one, make an outfit fitting that candy and when you're back chances are, you will find some treats and they will be good af, cuz you pleased the basket gods.

*Have few accounts to trick or treat with.

*Flow farm by playing games and after few mins, go to a random place, put on the basket, collect treats and go back. Flow/treats/repeat.

*Dress in the color of items you want.

*Gift NPCs timed candies to make them feel the pain you do and earn friendship points.

*If you're into RP and want to walk it out the best walking route is Boardwalk>Electric Avenue>The pier>Wonderland>Beat Street. 

*Get a date with anyone by dressing up as a pumpkin and telling people you're their TREAT

*Listen to Halloween music to please the pumpkin gods. 

*Sell timed candies for coins and once you sell 100 of them, you will have like 28*100=2800coins, and once you sell 1000, you will have 28000 coins, once you sell 10000, you will have 280000 and once you sell a million of them, you will have 2,8mil coins. Which is possible considering, that's the only thing you will be mostly getting. 

*Some baskets are like powerful attacks, you need to wait longer for better charges and better items.

*Message me for a 15 min of free good luck. You get a pet, wear it and rf, take the treat and you may get something good. 15% drop rate. (My username: Darija).

*Make a trick or treating event, that way as you're having fun, you will either feel bad for everyone getting good stuff and you will get motivated to try harder OR you will just have fun.

All these tricks and tips are SUPER REAL. Based with 5 years of
trick or treating experience. Besides no one knows all the
actual facts and there might be mysteries yet to unlock.

If you have any other tricks, please do share with me cuz I want all of those goodies as well. 


Good luck in trick or treating to everyone, happy Halloween!<3


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