How to get: Flow & Gems for FREE! (Cheat, that actually works!)

Hey guys! I'm: Rain l3l

I guess you came here to get some flow & gems ey? :P

Well, let's get started!

Flow Cheat

In order for the flow cheat to work, what you need to do is follow these steps;

Step 1 • Go ahead and drag your cursor to the chat box,

Step 2 • Type in the chat box: "test-mode 42"

Step 3 • Then, you want to actually get the original flow, so type in "cryptobiologist"

Step 4 • Done! You got over 20 - 170 flows, keep repeating these steps everyday and the MAX you will get a week is around 170-200 flow.


Gem Cheat (STILL WORKS!)

In order to succeed this gem cheat, you need to follow these steps CAREFULLY & CORRECTLY!

**Step 1 • **Go ahead to the settings option and then user settings

Step 2 • Then, go to the section named "Sharing" .

Step 3 • Now, click the "Your Referral Code" button!

Step 4 • And finally, copy the referral code and post it in the section below. For EVERY person who clicks on your referral link and registers earns you 100 GEMS. (Well, it should anyway).

♥ My Referral Link is: http://web1.ourworld.com/ow/tracking?source=ref_link&user_id=16623353

♥  Post your referral code in the comment section and other people SHOULD register on the link! ♥

♠ Tutorial MAY be done on how to do this ♠


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