Tips to follow if you get hacked/scammed and ways to avoid it.

Ever felt sad (possibly even wanting to quit ourWorld) if you had been hacked or scammed? Well, here's a few tips on what to do if this happens to you, and to help you avoid the situation.


"I've been scammed! What do I do???" 

Well, ourWorld can't really help you retrieve your items if its your fault for falling for it. BUT, here's a few reminders if someone tries to scam you.

If someone promises to gift you/buy you gems, don't fall for it! Its obvious that they want your rares, and scammers will promise a bunch of gems for your brilliant items. But they know that they can trick people into giving them free items. Remember, if they promise to give you gems or residency passes, DON'T FALL FOR IT!

"I've been hacked!! What do I do????"

Well, if you've been hacked, you've either given away your log in info to someone, or a website that promises, gems. Of course. They know that a lot of you would want free gems for downloading something or entering your info in. Don't enter your log in info into it, because if you have lots of rares, they will steal them all. And just because you fell for a scamming website. 

If you've given your log in to your 'bestie' because you 'know' they won't hack into your account, change your password STRAIGHT AWAY. The people you meet online, you know nothing about, so its best to keep your personal info to yourself.

If you're a paying customer and you got hacked, and you know you haven't given away your info to anyone, then its most likely ourWorld will try to help you out. Send a help ticket to support@ourworld.zendesk.com explaining what happened and they will guide you into helping you retrieve your items and account back.


Remember this: If you ever get scammed, don't create an event saying "REPORT THIS PERSON THEY SCAMMED ME!" or put their name on your profile and say "please report them, they scammed me". Just stay cool and report them to the ourWorld staff, include your reasons and they may get banned, depending on the severity of what they did.


I hate seeing so many people upset because they have lost their items, so please keep these in mind and avoid hackers/scammers and their websites.


If you need help/have any questions, leave a comment below or send me a message in ourWorld. I'm on almost everyday, so i'll help you out. But that does not mean I will give you free items. So please do not ask.


Stay safe,



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