About 100 gems per DAY!!! O_O maybe.

more then one cheat here O_O    


there are a few ways to get gems easily! :D keep reading to learn how to get them

  1. do coupon codes.10 gems per coupon code.

  2. Watch Videos

Videos are really easy. Go to that little green gem at the top of your ourworld screen. click the videos that say 1-10 gems :D

  1. Refferal(dontclickthelinkbelow)

you get around 5-15 gems when you turn a certain level

go to user settings then sharing then click on your referral code it will look like http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/tracking?source=ref_link&user_id=37...

  1. Surveys

Surveys can give you lots of gems. just be careful when you do them they could give you virus's if you do not got full protection on your computer. but they give around 50 or so sometimes more.

  1. Ourworld Contests

Ourworld holds a contest for halloween, christmas, and i forgot the other one so lets forget about that one. they have really good prizes like 250 gems and all that.



  1. if you do not get your gems from coupon codes then it might be because you do not got the toolbar or you might not be logged into facebook or you might have already used the code

  2. you might have already watched the video before in the same day or same log in or you might not have been doing what it tells you if it tells you to like the page then you should just in case you do not get it before or might not be watching it full.

3.getting gems from Referral is hard since it takes a long time to get the gems you got to get to level 5-10-15-20-25 after doing it so much you might not get the gems

  1. if you do not get your gems from surveys its because you did not do it all or did not do it the right way. look at what you have to do before you do the survey.


  1. if you did not get the gems from contests. then it means you did not win. yeah okay. were done here



  • and now for the second one.. ty pink xl for the other one.. or i 4get ur name so ya :P

#13505 Do You Want Some Gemz?!?!?!

~im going to help you get a few extra gems!!

so first, go to user settings and click on SHARING, then go to your referral code bla bla bla

copy and paste it here

i will go to the link and try to get you gems!!

thats all??

no, i know another trick too!! O_O

first, go to virool. **

*then, watch all the videos there. *

*once they are all gone, refresh the page *

*then again *

*and again *

*and again *

**until some videos pop up!!!!

now watch it and then do it again and then watch the videos..

i did it for about 35 minutes and i kept on refreshing over and over..

and i ended up with 85 GEMS!! O_O

hope this helped!!




  1.                    **  ***hints o_o o_o O_O*
  • make sure you don`t do it too often, or it may stop working
  • it does not work always
  • only try the Virool one once a day, there isn`t that many videos.
  • instead of clicking refresh a million times, just push F5 if you are on a computer.

thank you!



more CH3475!!  (Cheats)  loL



do all these (may have already done some)


  1. toolbar.. 10 gems per week!
  2. monthly code.. 10 gems per month!
  3. *facebook code.. 10 gems per week
  4. activate the toolbar code by going on ourworld after getting it (might not work)
  5. *verify your email!! * *if under 13 years old might need a parents email*    
  6. 3. make a facebook account or use your own and link it to the ourworld account.. 10 gems!  (might not work either)



                                                                                                                                 THANK  YOU!!







oh and one more thing. You can also do facebook gem codes, which are usually worth around 250 gems. THANK YOU!! 


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