HOW TO GET UP TO 250 GEMS!!!!! maybe more O_O

** #13505 Do You Want Some Gemz?!?!?!**

~im going to help you get a few extra gems!!

so first, go to user settings and click on SHARING, then go to your referral code bla bla bla

copy and paste it here

i will go to the link and try to get you gems!! 

thats all??

no, i know another trick too!! O_O

first, go to virool. 

then, watch all the videos there. 

once they are all gone, refresh the page 

then again 

and again 

and again 

until some videos pop up!!!!

now watch it and then do it again and then watch the videos..

i did it for about 35 minutes and i kept on refreshing over and over.. 

and i ended up with 85 GEMS!! O_O

hope this helped!!




  • make sure you don`t do it too often, or it may stop working
  • it does not work always
  • only try the Virool one once a day, there isn`t that many videos.
  • instead of pushing refresh a million times, just push **F5 if you are on a computer.**
  • **thank you!

oh and by the way, i use Chrome. so if it isn't working, try that!!



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