Find the lost cow!

As you read in the title, theres a lost cow in OW! And you can find it!

Just follow these steps:


1. Do you know Derrick? Hes the "Blue Cow Designer" and the lost cow is actually his pet! So, the first thing you have to do is to go with him. Click on "user", go to your "Friends" list, and write in search names: Derrick

2. Go to his condo and click on him. He will tell you that hes sad and blah blah. After that, he will give you a bell

3. Go to wonderland, click on the bell and then click on the ground

4. A blue cow will appear, and it will follow you whatever you go - this part is really cute!

5. Go back to Derrick's condo

6. He will give you a prize


Enjoy this adventure!




---> Eels


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