An easy way to get flow with flow boost items!

As an OW player, we know that Flow is the most important thing we can get, not only because it allows us to level up, but also because it gives us COINS and COINS rules OW and Marketplace! 

So here you have an easy way to get flow, just follow these steps!

1. Buy flow boost items! You can get some in MP. They are cheap. Try to purchase some horns, wings, etc and put them on all at the same time (you will look awesome) 

2. Do you have your flow boost items on? OK! Now, click on a move (the ones that are next to the chat box). After that, press 'Tab'. It will appear a YELLOW BOX in one of your moves. If you see it,** press**** 'Enter'** _and _hold it for a minute. You will dance non-stop getting flow by an hour or two - If you are lucky 

3. Let your character flow while you go and watch TV or whatever

**Tips: *

Make a group, that will give you more flow

Go to a condo, locked it and be in** Stealth Mode**, that avoids lag

Also you can play games with all those items on



----->  Eels


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