How to get 60 gems without hacking! just read

Okay so first you make a new ourworld account.

save it. Okay the gem part now.

  1. verify your email that give ya 10 gems.

  2. enter monthly code onto  ourworld thats another 10 gems.

  3. make a facebook account or use your own and link it to the ourworld account. that gives you 10 gems

  4. enter the facebook code onto ourworld while your logged into your facebook thats aanother 10 gems.

Thats 40 GEMS!!!!

Additional steps are:

 1. download ourworld toolbar. The link:  http://downloadmytoolbar.com/ourworld/lp/index.html

  1. activate the toolbar in which you enter ourworld using the toolbar you recive 10 gems. 

  2. enter the tool bar code onto ourworld and recieve 10 gems! 

Damn guys thats 60 gems! It workd. Its totally legal and using all ourworld stuff. your welcome. save up ur gems and addios.


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