How To Speed Up ourWorld

ourWorld running slow? This is called lag, lag is falling behind others: to go, develop, or progress more slowly than somebody. Your computer processor can not run these movements smoothly. Here are some tips:

Use a popular browser

Popular browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended for the best speed... so make sure you download one of these for the best experience, try both to test out which one meets your needs!

Check your quality settings

ourWorld is a flash player game, so you can right click anywhere in the game and a box will pop up. Look for Quality under Show All, and then click either medium or low. This will change the appearance of the game, for better performance. The lower you set it, the more ourWorld will lack in graphical design. Picture example below: 

Download the latest flash player

Downloading the latest flash player is important, they make improvements that may be useful! You can download the latest version here: 

http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ (You do not have to download the latest version for Chrome, it is built in)


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