How To Make A Decent Wedding Chapel

Although I barely play ourWorld anymore, I can still tell that many ourWorld users like to live the virtual life (getting married, having kids, houses, etc.) 

Usually, it's the weddings that seem to be more chaotic and exciting because you get to make events, dress all formal, invite people - it sounds like fun!

Want a decent wedding chapel for your wedding? Here's a quick article to show you how. Here's what you'll need:

  • Temple (58 gems) / OR Fine Marble (57 gems) / OR Arabian Nights (50 gems) / OR Grand Parlor (30 gems) Themes
  • Yellow Volla Plush Chair 4 (50,000 coins x number of chairs you buy) **I purchase 20 just in case**
  • Bamboo (50,000 coins x number of bamboo you buy) **I purchased 6 just in case**
  • Garden Arch (85,000 coins x number of arches you buy) **Only buy one**  / OR Marble Pillar (50,000 x number of pillars you buy) **Only buy two**
  • Vase And Flowers (6 gems x number of vases you buy) **Only buy four)
  • Stereo + Music



  1. Does it cost a lot? Yes, but it's worth it, don't you think?
  2. I don't have enough gems/coins*. You don't HAVE to buy the exact items I listed up there. You can always improvise with something cheaper, or something you already have!*
  3. Why did you make this? It's pointless.** Ah, yes it could be pointless. But think about it, many users on ourWorld have weddings. Might as well be helpful and let them know how to make a decent wedding chapel.**


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