ourWorld 2.0 Update -- Official Response

Hey guys. So there's a bit of an update in regards to ourWorld, and the possible return of the IP -- an official response from the Flowplay CEO nonetheless.

Recently, the CEO was in contact with a user via email, presumably asking about the status of the late game, and if there have been any updates. The CEO reached out to the user in question and responded with the following:

We've got a standing discussion going on about how we could bring OW back in a way that makes sense. We haven't forgotten about it!

Credit goes out to u/Boring_Drop_1006 over on the r/ourWorld subreddit.

In what way could Flowplay release an ourWorld 2.0 that would make sense? Not really sure, however one thing's for sure: they're still looking into it, and while it isn't officially confirmed, it is still a high possibility.


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